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Secret 7606 by DeviantArtSecret Secret 7606 by DeviantArtSecret
Message from DAS
We are very saddened to say that comments on this secret have now been turned off. :(
It has saddened us so much to see the child-like comments, the judging, the arguing, the belittling the swearing the commenters have given on this secret.
We debated over hiding comments from the start, but decided to trust the DAS community to be mature about this secret. Which is why we are disappointed in the DAS community for the lack of respect for a secret teller :(
We dearly hope in the future the DAS community will think before they type, the behavior of some of you is not acceptable at all, be it on DAS of dA or face to face.
Please remember secret tellers aren't to be attacked. It is not your place to shove your believes in their face saying you are right and they are wrong.
No warnings have been given out, but if this happens again, not only will warnings be given out, blocks will be too.
DAS will NOT tolerate this kind of behavior.

The Secret Teller would like to give credit to *clair0bscur-stock for the image.

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November 2, 2009
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