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March 6, 2009
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Secret. 5117 by DeviantArtSecret Secret. 5117 by DeviantArtSecret
The Secret teller would also like to say: "Would you have noticed them and actually did something about it?"

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littopampam Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2009
I would ahve done something about it...
Even if I didn't know you..
I'm sorry no one cares enough to tell...or help
maybe they do but don't know the right thing to do..
Liani Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2009
I hate that when i was cut and bleeding, my mum never noticed i spent hours agonizing in the bathroom.

But when i went to work, every single patron at the restaurant would look at my arms and then look at me with pity. It always hurt that only perfect strangers noticed.
but i always thought my manager(a friend of my mum's) noticed but never said anything

:hug: I care ST!
LittleArtemis Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2009  Student General Artist
I would have noticed and said something. But then again, in grade nine I went through the same thing. Just, I did not show it, and when friends accidentally's a good thing to know someone cares.
trippedxkisses Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2009
Sometimes people "don't notice" because they're so worried. Most likely they have noticed, and are worried, but don't have the right way to ask. They could be scared to.
DusktheDemon Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
I would have noticed. :hug:
BloodyKisses56 Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2009
People don't want to see it, they don't want to admit that there is a problem. Thats what happened with me. But if I had a friend with cuts and scars I would ask about it and try to help them, if only to be someone they could talk to.

walkon-water-ordrown Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2009
im sorry ST i probabbly wouldnt have
but from now on i will.
GirlWithAHat Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
I saw the scars on the arms of my best friend, but I anticipated to find some. My sister, who doesn't even like him, saw them, too, and she was concerned about them anyway.
Some people will notice, and they will care. But we're not all like that, so try not to be disappointed when someone doesn't notice or react to them...
jaboodi Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2009
The problem is that sometimes if you ask someone about scars they get really defensive. Some people will avoid asking to stop the friend getting embarressed or upset.
Upsilon400 Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2009  Student Interface Designer
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