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Secret. 13133 by DeviantArtSecret Secret. 13133 by DeviantArtSecret
Sometimes we have people requesting a secret to be removed . ( this is something we only do on extreme reasons)
Sometimes a stock owner for reasons of their own will request a secret to be removed.
From now on if a secret is removed ( this doesn't include if DA staff remove something, as we cant replace that) we will replace it with this image.

If a secret you have submitted has this message in it. It means your secret has been removed by DAS. To find out why as the secret teller. You can email us. Do not note us. You must email us. Asking about it, in the email please include why you are sending in the email . Don't send the secret in the email though. Only your message asking why it was removed.
If you are not the secret teller then you don't need to know why it was removed :aww:
If you have any questions about this. Because we get so many comments every day we will just check in here ever now and again, we will answer your questions in here if you have any.

The reason for this is just to try and keep the numbers right, and so as to not confuse people.

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May 5, 2013
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