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Biggest fear CLOSED by DeviantArtSecret Biggest fear CLOSED by DeviantArtSecret
Big thanks to everyone who has taken part in the Biggest fear theme.
So many of you took part in it, its great to see so many of you taking part.
How ever, like all good things, the theme has now ended.
Fear not though, as this theme was such a big hit, we will be having more ( different themes though ) So keep your eyes open, and your mind clear.
Ohh yeah, and watch this spot.

To all of those who has sent in a fear secret, but it has not yet been submitted, dont worry, it will be submitted. You have not been forgotten.
Those of you who send in one now, sorry, but your fear theme secret will not be accepted.
You can always edit your theme secret, and send it in as a normal secret though.

Once again, thank you everyone who took part.

Sending this in
When you send this in, it must be a .jpg, also in the subject add "FEAR" so we know it is for the theme folder.
Send it to our normal email address

What is your biggest fear?
So what is your biggest fear? This is your chance to let everyone know.
The file above is a PSD so you are able to edit it.
DO NOT edit the header though, only edit the other text.
Click DOWNLOAD to get the correct file.

Do not change the size of the file, please save it as a .jpg when you are finished. You can use what ever text style you like. It can be as long or as short as you like. But ONLY one fear is to be added, if there is more then one fear added, it will not be accepted.
Please do not add any stock images or your own photos. This is for plain text only. How ever you can draw a little drawing if you like. You MUST draw it yourself though.

Any questions please feel free to ask.
This is one of the only times DAS will reply to your comments, but ONLY if it is a question about this theme.
If you are going to complain, your comment will not be replied to.

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April 22, 2011
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